Rainbow Black Beauty

Rainbow Black Beauty 54 x 54 inch

Our latest new free pattern is the Rainbow Black Beauty. A quilt made of 2 blocks: Yankee Puzzle and Turnstile. This quilt is made from our "Over the Rainbow Collection" from plain and printed batiks.

You can choose to make this quilt with a black, dark blue or white background. We have a quiltkit for this quilt available.

Please find all the downloads for this quilt down below:

Download here the: List of Colors and Quantities

Download here the: Colour-diagram

Download here the: Turnstile template

Download here the: Yankee Puzzle template

Download here the: diagram for Turnstile with rotarycutter

Download here the: diagram for Yankee Puzzle with rotarycutter 

The size of the blue frame around the blocks of the quilt is 0,5 inch (finished size). Cut 6 strips of 1 inch from widht of the fabric.

The outer black borders are 4 inch wide. Cut 6 strips from 4,5 inch from width of the fabric.