Tree of My Life

Tree of My Life

Tree of My Life

I have made this quilt with the Confetti method that I learned from Noriko Endo from Japan. This text is not a pattern, but an explanation of how I have made this quilt.

First I made the background of this quilt, using different fabrics, mainly batiks and a few silks to add an extra charisma.

The tree I have drawn free hand and copied it onto Vliesofix (Bondaweb).

I decided on the colours of the leaves, using leftover batiks and silks. I have cut all fabrics in tiny pieces. I placed these pieces onto background.
In the meantime, I have added a wadding (fusible Hobbs) and backing to my quilt.

Then I placed a layer of very fine black tule over the quilt and pinned it in place. The tule I have meandered onto the quilt using a colour thread that matches the background.

After finishing the meandering I placed the tree into place (on top of the tule). I have quilted the tree with a thick quilting thread.

Finally I have sewn on extra leaves by hand, making sure to cover the tranches of the tree with leaves to get a 3D effect.

A similar method of what I used is shown in the You Tube film below. The difference is that I didn't use "confetti spray" and I didn't remove the tule from my work.